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it will cause a supervening smallpox to be more or less mild,

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April, and almost the whole of May, were hot and dry. The action of the

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trophy of this organ. The meaning of true hypertrophy is, of coarse, to

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pale blue, while the nucleus took a deep color. In an

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Sailors. At first there is observed a bluish-black condition

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Royal Medical and CniRrRGicAL Society, Sj p.m. Mr. Sedgwick, "On

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maxilla, its cdixe resting on the alveolar processes of the superior

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, Tiw u.,u,ui -iM.uia I-. ..- I." - 1 ''->'■• '"'•!'i'-''-i^ '■^' •''■''■ ' "-

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mittee, is not attended by the extreme suffering usually supposed to

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urine was of specific gravity of 1020; on standing, an abundant deposit

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be given and in sufficient dosage to control diphtheria if present,

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resemblance (similarity) of the symptoms, manifestations of

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animals, obtain its needful counterpart for the interdiction

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It is not always easy to dis^nose gastric ulcer, and it may exist for

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fever with and a fever without these lesions is hardly less striking than

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symptoms gradually came on from the time of the first pregnancy,

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As to " Attitudes of Election," Whitman says: " Deformity is an almost inevitable

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may be numerous. The cysts usually contain a pale-yellow, serous, or

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more could have been done to get a complete record of the prevalence

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of Bovinine (which is exceedingly nutritious) to one tablespoonf ul

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dispose the meninges to infection from the blood stream. Since in

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Times & Reg. Phila., 1892, xxv, 705.— Kinsman (D. N .)

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bility" which gave occasion for the name preferred for this affec-

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ceutical Development Service. Examples of these types of products were

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was greatly lessened, being entirely absent for a time after

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nence, conducted by psychologists, have the potential to

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to the different anatomical systems to which they are referable. They are

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state of information concerning the other infectious

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After Henle had (1840) expressed his belief in the existence of a

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their development, the stage of invasion being very short or altogether

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disease by the compounds of salicylic acid, which has

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