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The disease is mostly observed in persons who have been

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(&) Does ocular nystagmus occur when eyes are turned easily to one side?

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diet in the beginning if the patient has no repugnance toward it.

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spontaneous combustion are those in which the protosulphide is associated

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local applications, the great object of their use should be to dilate, and keep

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All clonic spasms, when fully developed, whatever be

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management of selected penetrating injuries. In order

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the temperature had reached 103® in the rectum, the res-

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For the catarrhal and nasal discharge take the following:

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viz. that the -direct tendency of all poisons, when introduced into

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surgical interference is important in all eases of acute osteomyelitis,

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most striking. The patient has a pale, drawn, anxious countenance,

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It is very probable that J. W. McMurray, H. Chisholm

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Clinical Medical Practice. Summer Session. — Practical