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thumb and index finger of each hand, and so applied- that the extremi-

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Tubes containing 1% each of saccharose, dextrose, dextrin, galactose,

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Holden testified that death was due to anthrax, and stated that this

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There are three very important points worthy of special attention: 1. The

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stance worthy of note was a tendency in the lower extremities to draw up to

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419. A cyst in the pyloric portion of the stomach .... 493

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the flank, and encroaching upon the epigastrium and the umbilical region,

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Two Cases of Vaginal Cesarean Section for Eclampsia, both Recovered.

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and the legs do not appear, and nothing but rump, tail, and hips,

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of the pelvis, but I would say that possibly ninety per cent are due to

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pers have been devised for this purpose for use in hospitals. The

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of inflammation, which may throw light upon the nature and treatment of spasmodic

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effect of compression by the hand in causing the contents ("air and sodden

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is taken from tube No. 2, and so on throughout the series at intervals

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in such a condition that ligatures will tear loose.

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duce impetigo contagiosa. In about 500 microscopic examina-

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aware of its social responsibilities will seek some way of

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of various processes resulting in cheesy products (see ba-

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course knew that precocious tertiary symptoms, as they were

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pain, and flat instead of tympanitic abdomen, mean gener-

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necessary for the placenta to be macroscopically diseased, as by haemorrhage

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remove the necrosed alveolar process of his wife's sister. She was of

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favorable remarks were made, though we thought unjustly, as we consi-