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hospitalie za 1884 g. [Typhoid fever in the Warsaw mili-

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cavity invades the medulla and pons ; but the cavity is rarely confined to

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two inunctions of cod-liver oil daily. He was now con-

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Committee appointed by the British Medical Association to com-

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the vagina performed the menstrual function ? Does not this account in

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Mr. KiscH : I think these interarytaenoid cases are fairly common. They

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in importance or interest, this condition always giving rise to anxiety in other-

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gravity little higher than distilled water, the specific gravity of

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cases of meningococcal infection were reported, according

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city. Some of this land is at a low grade, and in por-

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is shown, among other things, by the beneficial results of absolute cleanli-

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dium adherents have Ibeen able or even will- while the same structural epithelioma spring-

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conceivable condition which would justify — even demand — the

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ease nearly allied to leprosy. — (De Gen. Hum. Va-

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vania, in one vol. 8vo, containing upwards of 800 pages,

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us to express an opinion as to the value of this treatment."

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the citizens, for the prevention of such abuses In future," &c.

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state. South Carolina case. (From Lavinder and Babcock.)

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microscopical examination. Moreover, it is stated that

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the limb, together with' good diet, fresh air, and stimulating drinks.

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gall-stones was into mild cases, and dangerous ones in

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in many cases have undergone proliferation, giving rise to pus-cells and

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protein to each calorie of body weight per da}', with a sufficient

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greater severity of the injury in those cases. He had

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Essex, Surrey, and Kent, is almost entirely clay land, and is the

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menstruation and pregnancy. In some cases, the origin may

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does not belong in our domain, that is, the cases of anasmia which

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usually the inguinal, are commonly first affected, the glands of the neck