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an historical sketch. Dietet. & Hyg. Gaz., N. Y., 1896,

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when it descends considerably lower than usual, will

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anomalies In ovarian disease, and rarities in the way of pelvic tumours, for which

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it may not be in some such form that uric acid circulates. Blood serum

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gastric analysis. Very often we see cases come in with a diagnosis

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I had a case of an old lady, who lived at Sixteenth and Har-

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cover with a handkerchief and allow the handkerchief to drop

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epithelial stratum. The area of tissue inclosed in this epithelial ring, consti-

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Refractive headaches are at first only disposed to occur towards the end

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in view, is that of its being a slow conductor of heat. This pro-

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of life so that the disease may be sthenic quoad the local condition, and yet

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Wash., 1887,' i, Ii38-(U1.— Kaffa (A.) Piede varo-equino

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referable to carcinoma, sepsis, tuberculosis, etc., the findings are

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time, and another the next morning. For a special reason, how-

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cluding the following increases on 1917 : — Annual subscriptions,

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tissue resembling that of a lymphatic gland, while Balfour, whose

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abscess has, in rare cases, followed pneumonia or empyema; more fre-

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remedies acted unfavorably, owing to their ])oisonous influ-

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of a neurotic condition, and that was the profuse sweating of the head. On

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In the rabbit the right superior caval vein was used.

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of the knee, in which the iron hoops are strengthened by strips of

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oxidize the sugar by depression of the assimilative

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must be deferred for another sitting. If the adhesion in-

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ment. After all, the author admits a constitutional

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It might confidently be expected that, from the advantages

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usually associated with pleurisy. Pneumonia must not be

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The cause of yellow fever is unknown. The virus is ultramicroscopic,

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through the stomach, and would manifest its activity only in the intestinal

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analogy to warm-blooded animals ; for it is just this

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and thought herself a little stronger than before. In two months time found

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analysis. The observations offered by these gentlemen,