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hiccough, but the septic or unhealthy condition of the digestive
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It should be said that everywhere members of the Commission
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Dr. Putnam- Jacobi presented the heart removed from
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lying upon the floor a piece of paper, say ten or twelve
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fragments in a ferrule or riug of bone or ivory. This
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greeable smarting in the air passages and lungs. At first the cough
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a plant for sterilizing milk and furnishing the same to the city's
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'■' "dor of smallpox is very well known, and has even been
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in the stroma. On the other hand the lobules of the second specimen
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seven minutes. The injection of the diluted ammonia was not more
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"Why don't you go before the legisla- Navy, formerly of Concord, N. C, died on
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contained by any other organ, because the skin is bx more exposed
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which it is brought into conditions favorable to its transmission is of
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ing it ready for use in sterile nursing bottles corked with
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extract of hyoscyamus, and one of blue pill, to be taken three
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ment of immobilizing the foot in splints or in plaster re-
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constitution of the offspring, then not merely do we gain an insight into
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A. Give an active cathartic. The patient should diet for a
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epithelioma of the Fallopian tube, including his own case. In this
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extremities by passive congestion. Tr. Med. -Chir. Soc.
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having a patient fixate on a target during the middle of the
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urine is found in cases of all the essential fevers, of pneumonia, diph-
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wliere the use of the instrument is contra-indicated. *
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Mumps with salivation and frequent coughing of mucus tast-
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Tuesday. — Has slept well. Tongue and skin moist, and pulse 98. Wound
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against conductors who do not act on the suggestion of
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fashionable to be skeptical in regard to the action of
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area of attachment appeared to be too great to allow of this being done safely.
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by persisting when breathing is suspended, which gives an easy means
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extensively metabolized by the liver and excreted by the
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negative for salicylate, acetaminophen, sedatives, hypnotics,
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he had such extensive disease and was so ill. That was six years ago. He
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sudden, with febrile phenomena and a comparatively acute course of a few
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And, finally, it may be stated that all the leading anat-