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PRO contract, AFMC makes signed “certifications and
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important professional journals published on both continents. In short, its unrivaled
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The remedy for foul cellars, house odors and musty parlors is ven-
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of the urine itself does not interfere in the titration to any noticeable extent, es-
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ooDsisting of a l-to^500 solution of potassium per-
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With kind regards, and best wishes for the coming season,
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side of the Ohio River, whence it advanced in a south-westerly direction
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sided altogether. In August, 1833, he had a similar, but much more
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whole of the fluid, and that the removal of just so much as may
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the horizontal position, and consequently another form of apparatus. This
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are the direct means of bringing on catarrh, the com-
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on Chyluria, I find that chyluria is a very rare disease in
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date upon which such injury or death occurred; pro-
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perienced. In April, 1838, he first consulted his friend,
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them about one-third full. To the first add 15 drops of Tanret's test ; to the
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is then given. — Edinhurgh Med. Journal, Aug. 1880.
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parietal surface of the membrane. It is at first soft and easily removed,
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members of the Council who have committed themselves to a
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on the diseases of grave-diggers, on ore-smelters, etc. It
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considering his circumstances, appears very lively.
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parts of India other allied species, which differ more
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ings in regard to public hygiene, I think its import-
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mange, in from one to two minutes, a cup of milk (about eight ounces) at the
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large intestine.] Eozpr. Akad. Uniiej. wydz. mateiuat.-
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received by the authorities of this institution of the munificent
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to be an infected house) remained perfectly healthy. The
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origin, in great part, to improperly designed footwear. Practically no foot trouble of this character being
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e bath system of treatment with great benefit. This con-
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be inverted ; owing to its adhesive quality it is ejected from the mouth with
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(6) Brain Tumor. — ^The symptoms pointing to brain tumor will be dis-
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this state during the last two years; also of its spread by public funeral
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the profession were adbpted by this body as a perusal of the official minutes