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direction to the upper border of the left third rib, to the
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•depend upon the time of the flrst appearance of menses, or upon the vigor
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8 days, with probably a variation of about one day, one way
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Octobers prolonged into November, as drizzling Septem-
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secretion of the gland. They commence, of course, originally
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think it is necessary for me to say anything further. I will say that
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measure succeeded, that among the causes that prevent the
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applied to the i^atient's body by the operator, or the patient is allowed
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primary, a basic impairment of the germ plasm. This impair-
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great pains can not be taken by the physician and surgeon
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The treatment of the pain, anemia, and emaciation will be described in the
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the poorer classes of the population, and individuals who obtain a pre-
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for such purposes, Folin's method may be employed (see below).
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represented bilaterally in each hemisphere are secondarily associated,
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them. Every prospective buyer is bound in writing as to secrecy
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sted County prior to the late eighteen seventies. In 1877 Dr. W. W. Mayo
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be inserted by the patient where they will come in con-
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water reverses peristalsis and induces vomiting. Eructations
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Our present views of the morphology and biology of bacteria
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Hensley, Peoria; secretary. Dr. E. W. Weiss, Ottawa; treas-
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George T. Carpenter mentioned some very interesting
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thing in the articles of bedding, that poison might as
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have laws to prevent lottery advertisements being transmitted through
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allowed to dry without being spread out on the sufaceof the slide. After they have dried, the
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cidence of 35 % . The leading cause of pneumonia was idio-
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three years and have been taken indiscriminately from
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bath, which," in Russia, " is used by persons of every rank and age;
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in five tests with grain alone, and nearly twice as rapidly as in four
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have been noted. The objective symptoms referable to the
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actions, was the generation of the mechanical force of the muscular structures. The
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populous northern rivals. That a not insignificant proportion of
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the sympathetic. Sufficient time has not elapsed to judge of
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is shown, among other things, by the beneficial results of absolute cleanli-