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has collected, partly from the bulletins of the Anatomical Society of Paris, partly
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injured when the lesion lies below this. It is an interest-
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of two and a half grains kills a cat iu a few hour.s with
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the antecedent congestion conjoined with the alteration in the composition
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any temporary or permanent harm is avoided by the saline trans-
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A two per cent, solution of osmic acid was injected into the supra-
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cation After attending the convention in Richmond, Va., he vvas
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employing them after the method of Matthew Hay — i. e. from 1 to 2 ouneo
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and bivalent NIIP vaccines as promptly as possible to
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frequently remains many weeks, nay, even sometimes months,
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murmur, never heard before, being first noticed among the
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Succession, and the Seven Years' War in the eighteenth century.
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each one was exposed in turn, a hard tube being used. The
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dangerous symptoms, or perhaps to its entrance being so gradual, and
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headache gone ; pulse 96 ; heat of skin less ; to continue his mixture.
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an aphorism of Celsus : It is the mark of a skilled prac-
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circulation, on which dropsical effusion in other situations depends. It
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of Peyer's patches ; is covered with reddish mucus ; in-
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is compelled to an amount of muscular effort necessary to work off the surplus ;
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ferers are made irresponsible. The relation of insanity to
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ually asserting itself at the proper time in the correction of errors made
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antiseptic virtues of carbolic acid without its disadvantages, one
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Local Symptoms. — ^The situation is important. The fluid contents
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possesses no longer any importance. (' Assoc. Jour.' Feb. 25, 1853, p. 177.)
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toration of [oint function after fracture. Tale M. .J.,
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with the most recent appliances, all waiting to be used ;
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meningitis the relief to symptoms is almost immediate: and in