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sinus is mopped out after being curetted ; or in case
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coal-tar antipyretics during the first stage, to relieve
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* This case appears twice in this table because of change of residence during the year.
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operation it is because complete obliteration of the vas deferens has
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be F. or M.R.C.S.E. Applications to Mr. Jamea G. Gell, bccretary, on
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Editors are bright men who have the interests of this publication at heart,
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five cases, those we are able to follow long enough to make
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multiply others deviated from this course and without multiplying
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futility to encompass low-yield treatment is simply a
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touch the fibroid, pressing down the uterus against
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and microscopic study, this culture was streaked on 10 per cent rabbit
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simply a break in continuity of this peritoneal reflec-
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nineteen liealthy men, upon one occasion only, drank water
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capillaries, and so diminishing the painful throbbing
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ganic actions. Many of the poisons exert a similar influence over
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stands out with striking prominence, that there should be a
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adopted for the work, may be gathered from the remarks in the original
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merely "happen " that so many were travelling the same road .-*
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the fever was intense and symptoms of pleurisy and pericarditis
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cal thermometrical curve in a normal case of scarla-
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ly pure solution of silica. The solution of it, obtained by treating
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The State of North Carolina has entrusted to this Society forty-
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produced, and in a more speedy manner, without the unpleasant results that
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to be of little value for the diagnosis of aneurism, as it is frequently
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sporadic occurrence during our winters, in some of which, when severe,
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The untrustworthiness, in respect of the percentage of
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cases were fatal. And there are plenty of cases on record of fatal abscesses,
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infrangibility. repeatedly allowed to fall from the
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At the commencement of an attack of pleurisy, however, I cannot
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equilibrium is restored between the exterior and the interior.
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dition. Of course, the interpretation of the presence of sugar in the
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Dr. Eugene Smith being called upon, said he was surprised