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AGF Army Ground Forces; Army Ground Forces, Files of
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found blocking the l^rmphatics (Castellani) ; usually some
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ment, yet some occasionally are capable of sustained mental
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P. M. about an ounce of urine was drawn, dusky in colour, and containing some
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mass was felt through the abdominal wall and which section
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of the man exclusively, never to his wisdom. To his wisdom, to his
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the bronchus. They are most frequent in the middle area of the lung,
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cause of the disease, and not against an effect of it. But it is by no means
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phases of this subject. On July 23, 1907, a sample of milk was
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art of healing is capable of, and indeed needs, improvement, will not be
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James R. Criscione, Jr., M.D., St. Louis . .314/352-7003
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foods brought to the cells varies widely. And the causes
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from those of such anatomists as affirm that the radial nerve supplies
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Other post-mortem appearances which are met with less frequently
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I now perform u|ion tin; tcnilo Acliillis and the biceps
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obstetrics. Ergot as an oxytocic still remains without a suc-
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32. But the eyes have been accustomed sometimes to become dim after lippitudo,
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before him, as he states, the utterance of Colles, the eminent
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Epileptiform Convulsions. — In this form there is uncon-
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applying to them the tincture of aconite, small doses of strychnia being also
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dition of a solution of ammonium oxalate (1 gm. to 150 c.c. of water) fadlitate?
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tumor of the pituitary body disfigured the crura and all the elements in
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inij to place tl»o upper fraj;iin'iit in a nitain position in any
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The following method of dividing the anatomical lesions depends on
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lation, in the pleural cavity, of a purulent liquid. The accumulation of
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quent and corded; there is incessant restlessness, and the little sufferer,
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puscles, instead of being round and rolling ■' ( yp\. ,.•([£)
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was slowly deposited. With a solution of bichloride of mercury
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N. B. Any reference necessary, will be respectfully
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past 33 years. No words can express the magnitude of his
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ap^pearahce, tender to toudiy^aii^.the pain may radiate along the course
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being very inconvenient, at other times barely perceptible. The
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fering. Though much has been done al- m'sleading one, which does not even point
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account of stock. If we have formulated certain more or less elastic