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methods of construction of hospitals suitable for the
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ever, for its religious tone, in the Province of Quebec, where
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"To Dr. Burrows, F.R.S., President of the General Medical Council."
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bright red color, which has usually disappea -ed in fatal c.-l^cs hrfore they cnme
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from the common or internal iliac arteries. They have
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years. Herpes is an accompaniment of pneumonia, malaria, and cere-
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great extent, as annual vaccination is the rule. Not one
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much swollen, puffy, cedematous, red, from wrist to fin-
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her neck and to the upper part of her abdomen ; and we ascertained
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removed and no enlargement of the ganglia is found, are
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fever, feels weak, and suffers considerably from a cough, the
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Filaria medinensis is noticed, and Dr. Paterson thinks that
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was seen in another central part of the town in the
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more usually alluded to under the heading of irritant dermatitis. Among
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or water. The simplest form of administering the vapor-bath is
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origin in the meninges, and pass thence into the substance of the cord.
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and down twice from Margate to London and transacted
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winds, than during the winds from the North and !N"orth-ea8t.
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nature and origin of all disturbances of growth and nutrition. The fact
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includes attention to diet, clothing, bathing, exercise, etc.
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Cardiac aneurysms do not usually attain a great size, but may occa-
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to be a spread of the disease, m^ny cases being reported
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convenient on the left side if above the level of the
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Laws of 1902, together with all other health laws which were
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the injection of five-per-(rent. solution of carbolic acid, thirty
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convenience, the word physical is often omitted, and is considered as
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as a last resource, immediately after the application of the apparatus,
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guilty as of the innocent ; for every advance of our know-
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upon a great number of the maladies to which the human system
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The single attacks, which develop in the same manner as those of
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from this source and the extreme care necessary to avoid it. I
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deviations, so that the progress of the ovum is fre-
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exudation of albumen. This pressure is, in fact, exceedingly great ; all
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accurately fitted, and wliose moven\ents it must follow.
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promise of success before the appearance of signs or symptoms of
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the several diseases popularly called ' ' consumption of the