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some previous time. The peritoneum lines the whole abdominal
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els : Linseed oil 1 pint, opium 2 scruples, sweet spirit of nitre
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tance. The liver weighs 1,570 gm. On section some engorgement of the venous
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users are 20 to 35 years of age, the childbearing years. The
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infant at full term. My examination of tlie head confirmed the character
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removed by dissection. A flap of the same shape and dimensions
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rapidly, forming a large, ulcerated, painful mass which readily bleeds
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brought out in the suit of Sivillar Berkely, claiming to
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characterized bf the formation of long, actively motile filaments or
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the less severe forms of hemorrhage Gallic Acid in lo-grain doses
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held on Thursday, October 31, at 8 p.m., at the Ship Hotel,
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Hospital Society ( Union Med., June 12 and 14), states
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30 times greater for a rat than for a rabbit and 20 to 40 times the concentra-
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FiglA. Extensive soft tissue inflammatory infiltration of
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lacteals by transudation or direct discharge into the pleural sac.
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due to stimulation of the cerebral and spinal motor centres;
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in our area makes this a more feasible choice than may be the
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soon after the appropriate treatment has been commenced,
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fever consists in preventing rather than treating bad symptoms. .
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In some cases the first observable symptoms remain stationary
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1992, and the American Medical Association. Dr. Burnham
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pheric pressure could only produce anesthesia when administered
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combination of the methods most applicable to the given case.
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living under conditions as they then existed in Germany, and who
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to the naked eye. To the microscope the hairs appear equally intact; a
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had been under no treatment before admission to the
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tion a hyperajmic condition of the cord and its membranes
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cent, or more of lactic acid a lemon or canary-yellow color is
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Joab Slocum. " I was vaccinated by Dr. Brandes, three years this coming
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inches (or eight centimetres) long was made in the median line, between
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