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NM Chapter, ACS, 303 San Mateo NE, #204, Albuquerque 87108.

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kidney. Cs^vazzani and Rebustello have made somewhat

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herrings, which had got loose and become putrid ; subsequent in-

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the vital energies and enervate the physical and mental powers of man.

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is doing well ; it has never had fever or pain, and is doing as well as

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*Stenographically reported for this journal by C. C. Mapes, Louisville, Ky.

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jured. Across the exposed triangle a vein larger than the external jugular

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also notes that the later growth of these glands is

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extent that this imbalance has occurred our national health is

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6. That fibrinous induration due to chronic appendicitis

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young girls, and the advice to treat the general condition by

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pal Medical officer of the institution. Several who had

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the medical men, affords a useful basis for reliable statistics. I admit

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mostly met with in scrofulous patients. It retains its specific

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serous surfaces can be exactly apposed as it were back to back {Fi^.

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globin, likewise toxic? That globin is nonantigenic and toxic appears

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1. A dUatedptipU may be engendered by sympathetic irritation of

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that a tube will appear to give more light with a spark

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very similar to that of transverse myelitis. If we take into consideration

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an open one, although the difference of opinion is only one as to the

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the horns. The estivo-autumnal flagellates, as in quartan fever, are

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pay assurance society, known as the Nurses Royal Na-

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between it and such a disease as typhoid fever. Undoubtedly

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