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peared, so that at the completion of a treatment the

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Assuredly the most successful physician is he who, inspiring

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conservative, that the measures which are to to be dis-

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that a diminution in the time of the vibration response with

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is not permanent. I have, however, known this affection of the gland

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Berl., 1885, xxiii, 753-755. Also, transl. [with additions] :

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val; only let these social gatherings — whether stated or special — be

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w<^»i«. He ha<l not previously been sick enough to consult a physician. He

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towards the right side ; there was also at this time an inability

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opinions should therefore be expressed with caution. In the case of Hatto

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but the tenacious strength of muscles hardened by long

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of the Human System, the copy-right of which is in our sole possession, duly secured

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opinions and practices described are as unknown ; or, if

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IV. E.B., set. 38, seaman, admitted Nov. 23, 1863. After severe vomiting

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ities, etc. The first time, in order to avoid too many repetitions of the

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cathartics may be required, especially when acute uraemia seems impending,

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the routine examination of all throat lesions bacteriologically (cases

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in the evening })ulse 108 and temperature 102°. She complained very

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dollars to cover family living expenses. Your children's

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The duct, which scarcely enters the coil, differing in this respect from other

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persons and not recur. My judgment is that if in Dr. Vance's case the

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such as the removal of solitary or multiple lipomas and the

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1872 the usual proportion was inverted, standing for these years in their order

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Bennett in the British Medical Journal says these limbs after thrombosis is a well venti-

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become endemic in Europe as it is in India, for the length

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The treatment is like that for acute glossitis, consisting in

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as fometimes happened when the rounds of fencing were Ihorter

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checked unless excessive. It may be a valuable safety valve to the sur-