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the cord. Epidural veins, however, may become obstructed
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following characteristic symptoms : (1) Pain. This may be
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In an article on " Complicated Diseases of the Pancreas and their
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bubo. The application of six leeches, followed by the liberal use of bella-
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organ such as might have belonged to a strong, healthy woman.
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was very much reduced, and the ordinary quantity of
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One important point, on which I have not yet touched, is
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graduated scale is placed in position and the lamp so
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tation of the brain and central nervous system. If the whole
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and later investigators to a peculiar crystalline principle be-
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ever this may be, in the congestive form of Briglit's disease,
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definite period to intervene between the time when the measles poison
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work a hardship upon the family afflicted and one which could easily
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from ranges covered with loco during the time when feed is short,
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9eems to be the sole aim and object with many people to
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that which holds the infection to be communicable by the
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the urine and blood. Acid intoxication occurs, as a result of which the
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to morphin, which he thinks is more of a bowel paralyser. If
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these three is 29-7. Denver, then, stands to the mean for
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and have been reported, is 1,434. At the last annual meeting it was 1,348, a
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congenital, that is to say, its presence dates from earliest infancy, and
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very great deal about the construction of a locomotive, and every-
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ences in size in the same blood under pathologic conditions. This con-
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1. Cats vary considerably in their susceptibility to strophanthin
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however did not advance farther, but was repelled by healthy
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ing, he adds, may give rise to considerable embarrassment,
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the anemia developing only when there is a relative insufficiency of
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fundamentals of disaster planning and to familiarize