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man called Tise, eighteen years of age, complained, about ten o'clock in the morning,
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The last instance we shall refer to was in a strumous boy, who
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246 — Act (An) to prevent and punish tlie adiiltei ation of
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C. Plethoric (full-blooded) subjects may take the following:
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velocity of aeconiinodation. J. Pliysiol., Lond., 188,5-6,
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I, in the Annales de Ghimie et de Phyaique^ in 1849, of a paper by
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preaching virtue. The medical profession ness; that not satisfied with cursing homes,
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closed, and possibly the whole tube converted into an
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Clean fingered pinching of a tumor, wholly innocent if cnly ex-
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the cord be ligated ? I think the usual teaching is that
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. Difficult recollection of phrenological terms, with which he
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found some one medicine on which they place more reliance
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In studying all such relations of the viscera after death, it should be
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passes unnoticed ; an unwonted paleness, a sense of fatigue on the
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from the rest of the work, since they will always either
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of the malarious poison. Is the poison which gives rise to a
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the cord, as the scrotal was evidently a hydrocele of the testicle,
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by a stove of a similar construction on the landing of that stairway on a
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week I first saw the child from whom this specimen was removed.
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When occurring in drunkards, the disease may resemble delirium
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of the diphtheria bacilli about equal in size those of the
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on account of its simplicity and ease of application. The clamp consists of
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This little book presents the subject in an attractive
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moral and mental surroundings should also he made wholesome.
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cream-like substance^ for a distance extending from the fourth to the sixth cervical nerves, right side.
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were successful, 3 unsuccessful; one died of erysipelas. It is
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sketch of the apparatus employed will be found in Dr. Pe-
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pea-size masses in the skin. X-ray ex- as good" allowed.
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marks on tic doulQtireux,'[ chiefly with the view of recom-