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after a perforating injury of the cornea, and with more fre-

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Cases of Coxa Vara. Dr. Myers also presented a boy eight years of

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ion of the Pacific, San Francisco, Cal., February 2, 1889.

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deep inspiration, the stomach moves downward ; with

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1899 b. — Anevrysmes vermineux et thrombose de I'artere grande mesenterique,

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and in two of the cases the shortening of j nches below the umbilicus,

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inch from the right sternal margin, and the apex-beat in the normal

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irrigated with bichloride solution , especially if intestinal contents have

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till they have now become enormously swollen. The enlargement has

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relaxed and weakened, the body of the uterus will become bent

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lects about the dwelling house in the course of time. Such articles

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name, I reached a point near the brim of the true pelvis, where the peritoneum

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and therapeutic significance of tubercle bacilli and

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Although the type of the fever is remittent and is often mistaken for

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tive circulation, and suppose that piece of tissue so dead does not putrefy, it does

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“We commend Dr. Bob Safford and the COMPAC Board of Directors for their continued untiring efforts and highly

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which fell on his shirt, his only upper garment, and soon covered his

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taining opium in any of its many and various forms.

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space. A comparison with the synchronous radial curve below shows that in the positive cardio-

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usual order, two adhesive strips, two and a half inches wide and two feet long

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and stable-men are more often than others the subjects

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increase the amount or give the same dose oftener. Remember

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the diagnosis is reasonably certain, especially if we delay till a

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explain this indifference, but have not been able to do so thus far. Per-