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dispositions of the people; add in proportion to the dif-

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regarding the malarial crescents and their life history. By the evolu-

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Methods of Estimating the Blood Pressure. — There are at the present day

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that I have to say. Its chronic forms may be arranged in two

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mishap or fatality, but I have also examined some twenty-three cases,

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urinary canals, lying next to the glomeruli, rich in albuminates, which

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treated long enough for final results, but gave promise of recovery.

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men who will return from the war crippled and disabled. A

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formation to patients. The Roche Medication Education (ME) program, begun

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mortality I have two charts here which give some idea as to that.

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the development of this tapeworm in the human intestine.

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divide many times, no division of the cell body taking

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The one example of this has already been referred to

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roga (J. M.) Fiebres peruiciosas de los ninos, en la pre-

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been conducted antiseptically, infection of the perito-

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was a graduate of the Middlebury (Vt.) Medical College, and a mem-

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Guide to Healih, wiih other works in defence of the

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analogy to warm-blooded animals ; for it is just this

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regards myalgia as an affection of the sensory muscular

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third stage of an attack is so exceedingly copious that not merely

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4th. That it is provided with a sufficient number of windows.

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joined tendon and transversalis fascia. These parts are still carefully su-

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do not hesitate, or rather, I prefer to use hydrogen dioxide to remove

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by the fact that most of his patients were Hebrews,

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of the sigmoid valves, there will be the souffle of the reflux of

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with the uncomfortable feeling that while it deprives the

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witness. .T.Am. M. Ass., Oliicago, 1894, xxii, 377 - 382. —

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Aspiration has proved an unqualified failure. After point-

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Dr. Joseph A. Gallup, in his " Sketches of Epidemical Diseases in the State of

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very imperfect, and many of them present an extreme degree of idiocy, and

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