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motives that prompted the great progenitor (?) of the profession

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tion of the blood nor the other symptoms were due to

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Obstetrical Society obliges us to postpone a letter from oiir Paris corre-

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tractors, entered into a contract with a dairy company for the supply

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its physiological action. In botany, vegetable physiognomy

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results in communication breakdown. A study published

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followed ; but three years afterwards an autopsy showed no fracture of

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* Definition. — Amyloid (waxy or lardaceous) degeneration of the kidneys

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ogy. The basis of our comprehension of the theory of medicine

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this life, and give rise to a great proportion of mental disorders.

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Leo Bandall, M.D., New York Univetsity, 1890, died at

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Svffocatixe bteaXhr—thsX is, when the breath is totally arrested by re-

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escaped and fluid contents may be siphoned off by filling the

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that the synovitis is secondary, being simple if developed by

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affection of the cervix uterL She put in an appearance,

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composed of sulphate of zinc, sulphuret of potash, each one drachm to

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influence in preventing the development of pneumonic symptoms.

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duced the great blessing into his dominions. This was for many weeks

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my pupils, requested me to see J. P., a priraipara, aged

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21, 1914. Both this boy and his mother suffered an initial attack about

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Margaret Collier Graham, Joaquin Miller, Charles Warren Stoddard, John Vance

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THIRTY-FOUR years successful operation. Thoroughly rebuilt, remodeled, enlarged and

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the uterine globe (as I suppose), in its advance caus-

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have in the characters of the individual leaflets characters of specific

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the head became reduced to 20|- inches. At the end of the treatment

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the year, from the inert parts, where it had gradually collefted,

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form, without waiting for threatening symptoms). No doubt

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phlegmafice, be excited, fever is the condant attendant, and its degree

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' American .Journal of Meillcal Sciences for April, 1S75.

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paralysis there may exist, over and above the cerebral lesion, a systematic