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and various metabolic abnormalities such as hypercalcemia. The clinical course may be chronic or
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is a cardiac depressant, producing a fall in the arterial pressure,
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tained not alone among the so-called old school of prac-
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3. HIUs : Jour, of Nerr. and Mental DIa, vol. 23, p. 1.
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of protecting against an ulterior bacillary infection. After having
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pool of the liquid may be the consequence. Cast iron has
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laying enough stress on the teaching of therapy. A rather large con-
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no enlargement; pulse weak and irregular. Pepto-mangan
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can scarcely be kept in bed. . . . Not infrequently the headache is
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dation that it be tried before all else. The method of Hebra is as
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may awake; but by this you have not primed the body with
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nation and paralyzing the business interests of the community
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thoroughly removed, and a few weeks later the walls of
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lished weekly, under the direction of the Editors and an Advisory
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sacro-sciatic foramen, where I gave it vent, and the
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very rarely observed here, whereas in certain districts on the Continent,
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orrhage continues, you may know you have not been thorough.
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Blood when present beyond traces may also be recognized.
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should remain. Did Dr. McKenzie at a later date propose, bv paraflin injec-
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even long after the patient has abandoned his occupation, and
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ture-media than those obtained from human sputum. They
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united with a Murphy button and reinforced with 1 row of silk
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proof of the correctness of this assertion is the fact
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interrupted, more or less abnormal determination of blood must take place in
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recording secretary, Donald Campbell, of Butte, Montana ;
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ciples of Intranasal Surgery.— Dr. W. K. Simpson, of New
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“New Age,” depending on a point of view that will change