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Philadelpliia. [Reprinted from the Wills Hospital Hejwrts.]

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picion, of knottiness about the smaller joints of the fingers,'

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Administrative Buildings. — Apartments for the house-surgeon,

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peculiar modification of the breathing movements has been associated

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in the right cheek, that came and went like a flash of lightning.

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Tour 15. — New York, by Netherlands Steamer to Am-

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binocular vision, in whom there is semidecussation of

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Sleeplessness of Young Children — M. Moutard Martin

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The oleate of zinc ointment is also said to be serviceable in

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visit to the dissecting-room in which ruffianly students

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use, that which is the purest, that which is obtained by the sim-

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morandum by Mr. Netten Eadcliffe on the progress of Levantine

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suggest as to the social gatherings of the Society in future years. Your

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foreign particles of pigment, and that in haemoglobinuria the

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variation which took place far back in our history, that the

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Eka-Iodoform is a new substitute for iodoform, and is said to

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employing them after the method of Matthew Hay — i. e. from 1 to 2 ouneo

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wool industry a fleece is considered to be a fallen one when of a

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augments the value of its already remarkable collection. The

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persons out of twenty-si.K were attacked, and nine died. It

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end of 1921, with a few of more recent date. Of the facts brought out

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mented crescent. These were hyaline bodies, crescentric in shape, about

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The second case occurred in a man, twenty-nine years old, who came

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as where, for instance. Dr. Jeffries says, " There seem, also,

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Uy the liistorA' of infection, the presence and association of characteristic

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atinine and uric acid, and also because creatinine and

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work, and the past week did the entire family ironing.

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tractions during labor, for Quigley® asserts that these latter appear in

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ville. She is interested in our people. She has come down here to