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Tr. M. Soc. Lond., 1890-91, xiv, 136-142. . On tlie
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tliat here, as elsewhere, the golden mean was to be desired.
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Fischer, Berlin. — Eugcn Ilahn, " Behandlung des Genu valgum
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are readily transformed into fatty compounds. In morbid conditions we
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mine by the presence in the side chains of one more atom of oxygen.
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that persons with any natural aptitude for the practice
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your foot in like that and twist it out like that This is evidently
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Ordered local injections of 1.15 cc. solution of quinise, night and morning.
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The Association, at its second day's session, proved themselves a
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die of the arm compress the brachial in the manner shown i
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covery, on microscopical examination, of leucocytes in the fluid ex-
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has been exclusively among the upper and middle classes
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disposition of glucose in the human system, we may practically consider
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of insanity, M. Behic avows that the results of Jledical
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tion of the chambers of the heart, I have found it of great
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cnemist assures us. But is alcohol' in natural combination,
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and when such disappear they deposit their bacilli on walls
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their article in Bouchard and Brissaud's " Traite de Medecine," state
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aud writings of Drs. Sanders, Bateman, WUliam Ogle, Mauds-
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their probable efficacy. These are twofold, the medical and
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much is left for reparation to effect in some and how little in
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the grain. These desiccators are of two types, fixed and portable, and
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The lungs may also afford an inlet especially to those which act pri-
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present, and which alone may be sufficient to prevent all sleep and forbid
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famous physician of his or any other century. He was the
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ter. On cutting it up along the mesenteiy several dark
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such operations if tiie patients are just recovering from
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simple congestion, and to congestion with effusion within or
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IHE third of the surgical papers, contained in this part of
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26. Regeneration of thyroid tissue that will secrete thyroidin is
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be monstrous to suppose that he would avail himself of these, — then the
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straining influence of the law ; another class becomes criminals in
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ence of climate in this country from that of England, varying indeed