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consulting physician. At the time of his death he was pres-

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water. Later milk may be added. Rest is most essential, and for this

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unless the bile is in great excess. For this reason it is often

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the disease in others. These processes may be compared to the action of

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asthenopia, etc., who dated their troubles from a spell of sickness.

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A large part of the evening was si)ent in the trans-

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" Every assistant-surgeon who enlisted prior to the

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cranium made by a large trephine. We were unable to learn from the pa-

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morbid family) sometimes complicates the diagnosis.

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the ring, sewing them together, and then applying a

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was tempted (he spoke for himself,, and was sure others would agree),

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of paralysis, wasting, and fatty degeneration of the whole

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had no effect upon the conditions of the blood vessels. In a few experiments the

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form an exception to the general rule. According to the se-

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the mouth. One is often found close to the facial artery just over the

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studied at the principal school and college there (taking the

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all cases of craniectomy witnessed by himself the pa-

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The time required for a lethal effect upon the bacterial

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test-liquor. As soon as a drop of the test-solution ceases to render

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but the other was in the acetabulum still. The condition of the others was not

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for privileges." Know ye not that there was long a scrib-

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depends on the production of metallic vapour, and that again on the

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after the treatment had been instituted he felt well, the muscle waves

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through the bony labyrinth — a frequent situation of fracture

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plethoric. The action of the heart is feeble ; the pulse is small, weak, com-

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less completely their faradic contractility, and the tendon reflexes dis-

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of two or three inches from each other, according to

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occurred in 1864, and which was similar to the one the author