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are not available. Another factor is the Radiopharmaceutical Service's

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enables us in many cases to say that at least some of the lower segments

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for the most part very intractable, lesion. Second, the ulcers of mteric

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Elaie,— Howard. — In Ocala, Fla,, March 1st, by Rev. Charles

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was dilated and it was cause<l to fall again into the

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worthy of particular mention, and also some reference to

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of the prisoner. Being unable to establish communi-

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excellent, and will help to make the book a standard one, which

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all hyperopic. Three lenses had cloudy anterior lamellae ;

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of Edinburgh, March 9, 1855, upon a Document entitled, "Draft Bill for an

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the general health for a long while, the malarial spleen is preceded by attacks

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The treatment may be said to have consisted in letting well alone,

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obtained, presents a considerable amount of interest. She wa.s

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sented the college, and the case coming on in April, 186 1,

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on the human subject the varying effect on gastric secretion of certain

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the disease progressed the greater was the number of the described ele-

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Boll. d.r. Accad. nied.di Roma, 1892-:i, xix, 17-20 (F. Scalzi).

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1883. viii, 181.— Harti-ell (M. B.) Epithelioma (rodent

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listlessness. Fever is present and the teats and breast

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tendant fever; 2d. Sometimes the supposed cause — in the form of simple peri-

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gress, and have therefore declined to let the paper appear in

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logical examinations ; and the communication of infec-

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announced to the country that a spiritualistic fraud of the Katy King stamp

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the soft variety of malignant lymphoma from leucbsemic lym-

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the work devolving on it undergoes diminution ; or when the body gene-

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relief, but he died three days after the accident. —

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any British registered practitioner upon paying all fees and passing the primary, intermediate

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to the scheme is the difficulty of making- it understood

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Reynier AND Brumpt (1906). Bull, et Mem. Soc. de Chir. de Par., xxxii.

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The Experimental Results : The manifestation of the activity of the

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When the pericardium was opened it presented the following appear-

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Dellinger records [Deut. Arch./. Klin. Med., Bd. xxii.) the following case

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tractility of the uterus. The cavity was then packed

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chloric acid) ; bismuthi subnitras (o-i to 0-2 gramme) ; extract