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ing. Fomentations reduce swelling and pain, and hasten
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Ravenel, on the subject of Membranous Rhinitis, has appeared in the
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it was possible for one to obtain a clear picture of a pure infection
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As in these later years we have not had the opportunity of making
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As tor Potter's Version, I think we were discussing the method
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on the observation that after a thorough heating the vessels do not
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cavity if we relied upon the eye, while an examination with the
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hyperplasia as in ordinary surgical periostitis, no fever,
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was probably a condition of hyperasinia either of the nerve-
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19. Prolonged and Profound Sleep. — Dr. J. W. Cousins records {Med. Times
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stands the art of training special clinical physicians. We have taken
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condition by displacements, especially flexion. Adhesions of
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The duct, which scarcely enters the coil, differing in this respect from other
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Xanthoxilum t. ^iij. Give ^-3 in aqua 3ij every hour.
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patients cannot be the subjects of experiment. For what
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line of pressure is displaced less than the fundus ; if no an-
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etc. etc. In several cases it has been found dangerously distended, on
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diphtheria in pigeons. Mice, young pigeons, small birds, and rab-
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The oxalate of cerium, from two to five grains at a dose, is another useful
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morbid or febrile reaction is the only favorable result to
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only, while Professor Pettenkofer had stated that he be-
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in determining the time of culmination of the epidemic is shown
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sure, a mistake, though a common one. Nature can, and does,
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were elected Exaniiners under the charter of 1843, continuing
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both meatus were swollen and covered with white, scaly
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examined a number of sw ? abs from typical cases of sores in
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into fine wrinkles when expressional and other movements of the fitcial
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to an extreme degree of dilatation of the splenic flexure (Fig. 2).
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taken for innominate, rf. Seven cases of hgature of the left
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include sea air in a well-wooded country, just far enough from
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Dr. IIicirzMAN saiil that the (act that the ganglion cells were
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different epidemics, especially the earlier ones. Some of the great