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colour could be easily exhibited by putting the salts in question
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heroin is a very efficient remedy in controling cough. The
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and in 6 instances above 20,000. Pinkus 5 holds that an increase in the
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of both, or all, inflammation travels from the genital
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sputum loses much of its density. It is of little value in the acute
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while the fact that " Mere wine (merum) not delaied is a
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raising the HDL-cholesterol levels results in a reduction in
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procure one of some form or other. The only principle
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in whicli the patient sits, and outside a chattie or
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peral states. Under each of these heads we have a formal
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As these small hernial protrusions are especially liable to stran-
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which occurred nearly twelve years ago, during my residence as house sur-
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this subject in England, but abroad there was a very extensive literature on
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the deepest part, it will be the point which in the
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may remain in this condition for several days before death or may
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whether it is essential to the activity of iodothyrin. He con-
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aiiivotropliic Literal sclerosis and pseudo-liypertroplij'
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3. Of Dreams as Connected with a Pathological State
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of other studies equally important. The mechanics of medi-
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Experiment II.— A '24-hour bouillon culture of B. typhosus
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without deep ulceration as a rule, but with a thin, offensive dis-
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to 4 per cent, of carbon dioxid and not be harmful. On removing the
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and precision to carelessness, this little book is in- have ever seen.— P«m»4«iar /o«f«ai o/Medicin*.
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1892. Atbes, Chablbs Jakes, M.D., 55a, 'Welbeck-street, W.
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It is to these that the warm milk, the hot sponge laid upon the throat,
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■without general anesthesia, or with the aid of a local
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I am well aware that there is nothing new or startling
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in the diagnosis. The patient was removed to the hospital on
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the mouth. She has had very obstinate constipation.
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form a syndicate of publication, under the name of " The Uni-
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believed that the growth was connected with the left
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on 22 days. On the other hand, in 1884, only .777 inch was
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important not to engage the mind of the experimental physiologist. It is
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conditions of taking the temperature of the surface of the body.
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anasarca of the whole subcutaneous cellular tissue, produced