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the general health for a long while, the malarial spleen is preceded by attacks
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purge the newspapers of the filthy and disgusting quack advertise-
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nosa — pulse very frequent, skin hot and dry, accom-
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Sir W. Ilamiltonft states that he has " established, apart from the proof by
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comprehensive article to the already large literature on the subject ;
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time of latency is from ten to sixteen days; while in the inocu-
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one hour brought about a like result. Exposure of the lymph to the
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consin Statutes instead of taking the piecemeal approach.
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I have used this treatment early and carried it to the point of
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. bowels, colic, gastralgia, gout in the stomach ; and in small doses
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and, gaining access to the tissues, produce their evil
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products of the cell and may be carried to distant parts of the body,
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leucocytic invasion. The appearance is strikingly like that of a glioma.
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blind have become so as a result of ophthalmia neona-
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of the cortex produces muscular movements in the body and
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were very probably instances of the affection described four years
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ported to the Spciete d' hygiene the results of his observations on the effects of
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one that promises to be of decided practical value.
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so late as this, and endemic cretinism is probably always congenital. This
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in the very structure of their own tissues. In a similar manner I shall
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moment — all of you! If none of us ever talked but of the things we
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given in a case of this kind. These convulsions are due to a peculiar
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Dr. William E. Casrelberby — The essayist has made an
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advantages are completeness of <)])eration, removal of pel-
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the atria and in the boundary between them and the ventricles.
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pulmonary and nervous system. The duration of the fever was from
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3. Modes of Fatal Termination. — (1.) Death during the primary
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part. These ought to be renewed twice a day during winter and spring, and
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that not a doubt existed in the minds of the professional witnesses ; and the
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