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nervous from our drier atmosphere. Much of the apparent great compos-
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pressure necessarily follows a rise or fall of peripheral resistance.
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on in that city, which affect in greater or less degree the
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some weeks ago and to-day he is as rosy a specimen as
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The nurse must pay attention to the general order and neatness of
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connection with the distribution of the internal carotids and
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the garrison is practically a stockholder, as it is run solely for
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peared and the patient has regained his usual health. A slight degree of
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have been less positive, and he writes under date of April 19, 1911:
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eration had long since been performed by your own Ephraim
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kidnev from its attachments; states the belief that obstruction to the
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and museum then exhibiting in the Bowery it was his
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Diseases announced information about clinical trials
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tion, showed it to be about eight times its normal size. It was fixed and
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Quebec, L. C.-; Mr. L. E. Van J.uskirk, Halifax, N. S.
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socially or treat us civilly in social life, yet will not scruple to
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ordered four times a day. July ZOth. — Enemata discontinued from the resistance
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paratyphoid bacillus was not tried. At the autopsy the paratyphoid
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Philippines differ slightly from other tropical countries in the
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ble to detect, in the original tumours, either incipient ulcera-
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sician, and there was nothing to cause a suspicion of ma-
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after a time, and the dose has to be increased. The
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the faulty position, but if the ribs are held at their ex-
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However, it does appear from clinical observations alluded to
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in a man over 40 years of age with atheroma of the coronary
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the carotid artery of one animal into the jugular vein of a
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Egan, p. IL, First Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon.
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sequence of the special epidemic at La Salpetriere) ; in
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is an occasional, though a rare, inhabitant of the human body.
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inspection would include the examination and sanitary control to some extent