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affected by indulging freely in fatty fowl.* In two cases reported by

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currence that it is well to remember that it is made

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hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice, oxalic acid is

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sule, and a small segment of the caudatum and lenticula.

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quency with which strangulation occurs and the dangers

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Paris ■ and Murchison has shown that more than 6 per cent, of the patients

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The H. K. Mulford Company from the first applied the most accurate methods known

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place owing to the recuperative powers of childhood. And even in the

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movements of the upper limbs and face, this state lasting two hours. A line

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the use of automatic brakes that is now practised on most

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Commenting on these figures, the Price Current calls attention to

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is held that through the preventive and protective measures then adopt-

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nor to offer new ones respecting the temperance question,

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annual meeting in Richmond, Tuesday, Wednesday, and

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Pruritus is an exceedingly annoying symptom, which may be met with in

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the naso-pharynx, where the forefinger of the left hand is ready to prevent

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— The term " glycosuria," or " mellituria," is applied to a condi-

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startling rapidity with which they bolt it ; and the enormous quantities

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valescence ; a bed-jacket is also convenient when the

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Macnamara, M.R.I. a.. Professor of Materia Medica and Member of

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with in civil practice he seldom amputated unless there

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mental or physical fatigue too much emphasis can not

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tLuGOL, in his treatise on Scrofula, regards the transmission of that disease

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eral amounts ; further, they decrease the fertilizing value of the manure.

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The disease belongs to the group of infective granulomata, and is

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ting of a septic uterus is far too common. That their

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and froxn others carried out by Dr, Nicoll at the Lister

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pate freely in their discussions whenever he should attend the

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may be obtained equally after long-continued pustulation

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tients can frequently be surprised into laughing aloud