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14 Crawfurd: History of Medicine and Transmission of Typhus

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by man, not created. The laws of gravitation, of the cor

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had a number of attacks of tonsillitis, accompanied by rheu-

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nadian Medical Association ; "Delayed Union and Non-

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June 11, he had a temperature of 100°, with pulse 120 and

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Misce bene, et divide in pulveres granorum x. (One to be given to

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that of typhus clings as it were around the patient and is readily destroyed

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temperature of the body returns, and maintains itself unchanged

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masses, it undermines the foundations of society — the

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tinua proved fatal ; and he was told that the cases classed

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irst stage of acute pleuritis, robust, perhaps plethoric, suffering from

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Mosquitoes and Yellow Fever. — Nearly twenty years ago Dr.

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increased. The amount of w'ater subnormal. Microscopic-

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of cancer by the knife. Until recent years, under the

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placenta removed, as far as possible, with the placental

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of treatment of eight cases of diphtheria. In seven

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senting observers, when Koch's new compound was announced,

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The results indicated that 1/4 to 1/3 of the genome is conserved among polio-

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increased. The amount of w'ater subnormal. Microscopic-

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inches from the exterior of the body, so that it was probable that the

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she had constantly felt up to that time, at once be-

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admitted September 18th, 1905. She had been delivered of a

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cally on board some ships, although the impropriety of such actions has

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pROvis, Wilton, L.R.C.P., M.R.C.S.— Medical Officer for No. 2 District,

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no enlargement; pulse weak and irregular. Pepto-mangan

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Bureau of "Vital Statistics, he had desired to be fortified in

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haemorrhage. The tumor was now down to the umbilicus, was

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Eighteen cases of brain abscess are recorded. This is a most