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and of varying duration. Surface observations show in the early course
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reaching effects on the development of postwar civil
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with the needle. As soon as the suture joined nearly
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cathartic. In the present day, however, it has fallen into
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SixcE the publication of the report on the glycogenic function of the
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199: 1885, viii, 9; 74. — Blaxall. Report on tbe steam-
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Administration of Thymus in Exophthalmic Goitre. — R. H. Cun-
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don ; Mr. I'AUL Hr.LCHER ; Dr. Geo. Bodinoton ; Dr. James
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times, as in Hamilton's case, the bone forms in the areolar
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■which prevented fleep laft night. — Cr. Catapl. Opiat. h. f,
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during the six years' interval. The orbital fat and the mammary fat
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tbe Ditric acid be once freely applied to the whole length of the cervical canal,
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rolume of convenient size in which he is to preserve copies of the
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about fifty-eight minutes, carrying twelve stone or upwards.
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Sannt^' in his work reports seventeen cases, collected
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great interest in themselves, calculated to excite and
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fiieces allowed to escape, the opening being closed by Lembert
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and resourceful chemist, and was especially known to the
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and convince his hearers that the condition in the cord w'as more common
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and a specimen of her urine was obtained. She was given cerium
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superficial part. The corneous alterations appear, generally
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pair of feet has two long terminal hairs, but no sucking disc.
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organ such as might have belonged to a strong, healthy woman.
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keep constantly in mind, and because it is especially advantageous in this class of
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it will act something like the law regarding consumption in
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Prufeflbr Walter, in his animadveriions upon the doftrine of
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being still alive, is placed in the conditions just mentioned, we also think
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cliest is examined. They are oftener wanting than present, the conditions