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impossible to single treatises. Thus "Acute Rhinitis" is

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cessary for me to detail the cases which have occurred to me. They

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by Frerichs, both in the cells and in the blood-vessels), and oystab ot biUnilMn

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While rigid adherence to a thorough disinfection of all clothing and

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ated. Continuous dilatation is badly tolerated and rarely useful. The limit

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tuitous, and, so far as I know, unsupported by analogy, but rather contradicted

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had no pain, delirium, nor vomiting. The urine was scanty. Her bowels

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form of a sub-nitrate. The metallic polonium resembles par-

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Hearing, seeing, and feeling are now his most invaluable

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detritus ; aud I am sure that they had better limit

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The first patient was operated on eight months ago.

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remaining cutaneous affections, without forcing them into

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husband and her physician was so extreme he could bear the balance of the suffering

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LoNDOx, the Registrar- General tells us in his yearly report

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spastic weakness of the right leg, and later on spastic weakness of the left.

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heart?" The story goes on to say that the American had no reply to make

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erally, when we do this the patient feels something

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It would seem as if the apothecaries, in their anxiety to

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confidently believe the foundation is laid upon which will be built a su-

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