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tube was inserted into the abscess cavity, evacuation of its contents. The patients

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defence, and also became a witness for the company, in

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The salines will ])roduce the watery elements of the

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12. Observations on Certain Obstructions at the Vesical

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Weigmann*® and Wehmer^ refer to this fungus as probably iden-

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haunts, only returning home when his money was spent and he was

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of Ethics is a historic document with an honorable history, and

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speech and all voluntary movements, except of the head and of the fore-

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him to use the serum in his clinic ; but he had then

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serving and thinking that the profession of medicine

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those higher up, and there was, apparently, bulging of the intercostal

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stration of the meningococcus in the cutaneous lesions

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But such a consummation can not be expected as a sudden revela-

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schools are not far from wrong. One, that inorganic iron may benefit ;

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generally find undue prolongation of the diastolic periods, and there is no

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from this society to the Legislature praying for an extension

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Public Health and Marine-Hospital Service of the United States.

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accepted by the (lerinan and French writers on Materia

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and the profuse lacrimation, and prevents depression by stimulating the heart

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lacks its proper contractile power, and as a result ab-

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most probable, a priori, that the larynx would become affected

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intravenous administration of fluids, sepsis, and cardioactive

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avoid putting leading questions— namely, those which suggest the answers yes

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the fact that there is a total absence of ventilation, and that a great many of

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taste. It is soluble in water and alcohol, but not in ether, chloro-

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bacteria in the unfiltered water for the whole plant

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advanced; if dispensaries not having an appropriation sufficient to pur-

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pressure — relatively low diastolic blood pressure and high pulse pressure

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that the several organs are so bound in mutual connection,

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crises of excitement and agitation. The > there, it is supposed, by a vessel from St.

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which is still within the limits of '^moderation." We see, however, that the

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In infections with Strongyloides stercoralis there may be vague manifestations

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Maggiora, Laveran, Arnaud, and Escherich believed that the

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I : 4,000, then the womb irrigated with the 'ame, then