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with acetone as well as glucose, although preceded,
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It principally attacks persons of middle age, and more frequently
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or oil it with vaseUne, and turn over the edges. Apply, and cover
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by A. O. Kelley, a. M., M. D., of Philadelphia. 8vo cloth, pp.
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bottom while the alcohol remained on the top, indicating that its spe-
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given in small doses (I dr.) about one hour after meals. It is
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that the Report of the Council on Public and Profes-
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confined to the hairy parts, since the capillary struc-
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jgrains) ? 8. The reason of the abortion taking three
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Two or three of these cases were simply seen in a dying condition and had no treat-
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light and in association with accommodation for near vision.
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temperament, a different effect is obtained; irritability is calmed, pain is lulled,
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The patient, a child, was first seen when 15 months
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Nelson, who reported that the first haemorrhage occurred and preceded the
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w«eki liaa Hhevrn tlie rcAuit, mIiIcIi is the first
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for cicatricial entropion and ectropion.] Vestnik oftal-
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those of the later stage by infiltration and new growth.
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tations, and give rest for a time, in many cases without any injury
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cocci, and considers "this mixed infection as pathognomonic of in-
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fleas and lice. Whether ticks also should be included here is not known. In
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painful, inflamed, and the right eye became very dim.
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lateral fornix, the patient must be kept at rest for a few days, warm injec-
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sufficient to prevent some movement of all the joints. Eigidity in the
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and unimportant one. I ventured to express this opinion to the relatives,
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I feel that the responsibilities which I am putting off devolve upon those
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of Medicine in Ireland, held on November 29 last. Dr. Drury read
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in the Sanitarium company, and propose to make extensive improvements in
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conceivable condition which would justify — even demand — the
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preceding pages is generally spoken of as the digestive glucosuria e
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perceptible progress, and final explosion may have had its
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secretary ; Dr. Klmer K. Kelly, San' Francisco, treasurer. The
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and thoroughly remedied i)y any operation or course of
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esting cases, and this is the first one. This man, Mr. B., thirty-six
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themselv^ and others with leprous material with invariable negative results.