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breaking up causes the rigor." Even tlie tabulated sec-

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arrived at the Society’s headquarters has already given

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acid (HCl) to act on gelatin for several hours at a

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A girl, aged nineteen, attempted suicide by means of

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It is, therefore, necessary to observe the greatest care in the diagnosis

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acute febrile diseases in which the autopsy fails to reveal the lesions of acute

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for the most part very intractable, lesion. Second, the ulcers of mteric

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severe pain in her right hip and leg seized her, which was the commencement

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hyperalgesia, located over the spine, beneath the breasts, such

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tedious cases of mastitis, the abscess had been opened in accordance with

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destroys or shuts off the circulation and the tissues die for want of

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in close apposition with the subjacent cyst-wall by means of pressure, in

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comes hurried as well as hard ; nostrils dilated ; counte-

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it? Most certainly it is: there may be slight modifications,

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the spinal cord, or whether part of them ascend within either the white or gray columns, and

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hospital case-book: "April 6th, again hysterical; complains of left arm.

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found a prevalence of the female sex, whereas Noth-

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its originator, take a place between Schuft's and the

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already some effusion in the abdomen. This suspicion will al-

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give rise to such an elastic swelling, which would be marked in

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tion occurred and she became emaciated. At the autopsy the stomach was

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crackers additional per meal. He also drank an additional 200 c.c. of water at

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cord laid bare for 1 in. in length and nearly its whole breadth; membrane not ruptured.

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are more involved than the sensory ones, there being rarely complete anaesthesia,

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about twenty pounds of salt. I use a tank that will take a sheep

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a sitting posture while washing out thorax, and he remained so for

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Cases differ in respect of the quantity of urine and the amount of sugar.

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died — some died about puberty, others at man, or woman-

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" 2. L. L., aet. 17 — Acute Laryngitis. — G>nmienced coughing