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Miss Sara Earhart. formerly superintendent of a Lynch-
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the medulla oblongata, ft is a question, however, that remains
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Inpatients Age 65 or Older in Connecticut Hospitals,
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walking the dog wheels toward the side opposite the lesion and
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that the author has engaged in the work of drawing and describing what
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another, a semi-specific, contagious variety of the puerperal
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very congested. On section the grey matter of the cord was darker
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(three to five grammes) with the administration of iodide
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exhibition, the patient should be turned on his side, and his mouth
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time been waged between Dr. Heale and the anatomical world, as
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modified according as the ostium of the cavity remains patent or becomes
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a delusion of the devil. During the last century many observers noted
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women of the poorer classes affected with serious diseases,
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of iodine into the parenchyma of the gland. The results as described
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that there is no doubt, however, that patients present themselves after violent
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Lettsomian Lectures for 1913.^ It may interest the Section if I
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ror of King James at the sight of a naked sword may
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his paper, the doctor had not more than half finished the
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other night. Put him on the kidney pills at once and direct
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not dare to say I was the man who laid the women on their
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after its occurrence, that the wound, being on the left side, the amaurotic
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past year developed a tendency to serious disease of the lungs, leading
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four or five inches from the meatus, and Dr. Wyeth de-
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mucus. Galouh consist sometimes almost entirely of pigmentary matter,
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six years previously. The operation afforded some relief for about a
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of an ounce to the quart of water, or of sulphate of copper,
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general disinfection will soon largely, if not completely, supersede
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twenty-four hours. One case of embryotomy, the patient
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When the patient is violently delirious, thrashing about
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Lupus anticoagulants are antibodies that bind to and inac-
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of the sanitary progress during the year. Referring
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