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many of diphtheria, Dr. Tchemiaieff has arrived at the
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ease?" In thus alluding to the coagulation of the blood, which
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England, signed by Dr. Robertson. The examination con-
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no enlargement; pulse weak and irregular. Pepto-mangan
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Antiseptic surgery had then just begun to be adopted. Listerism,
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apportioned thus: — Common antiphlogistic remedies could
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process which can be repeated a^ libitum. In the Section
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abscess was present ; but the case proved to have been one of tuberculous
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of the individual, and persisted in throughout long periods of time.
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^ In the last case I began with a quarter of a grain of the bimeconate
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given in a case of this kind. These convulsions are due to a peculiar
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be used and a constant effort made to keep the area as clean as possible.
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Santa Fe. New Mexico Health and Environment Department, Dec 1 983
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Peripheral Henritis.— Strychnine, grain -gV to Vtr>
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Fouts, J. H. Franklin, Vanderbilt Univ., 1895 1895 1918
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seconds. The anesthetic condition continues about two hours.
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cases, more especially, symptoms similar to those met with in delirium
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surgical interference does not involve more danger than the pressure
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class [jroperly registered instruments. If these are un-
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the Queen Square Hospital. At present she was able to phonate quite audibly,
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tension of it, even at its best. " It must be borne
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in dealing with cases of undescended testis with hernia.
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To a teacher of laryngoscopy, the employment of the
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may die during the first week. Death is caused chiefly by a
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Terms of Subscription for India, £1 \hs.per annum.