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In the rabbit lesions similar to those in man are obtained as well as paralysis of

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ing to Dr. With, not treated yet with sufficient care, inasmuch as purgatives are

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next six days and till death the average daily amount se-

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which they did in a fairly accurate manner, but when they were

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3. Saline Treatment. — Dr. Stevens, of Jamaica, proposed this,

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If the success attendant upon the series of six lectures upon

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In the animal economy, vital, chemical, and physical actions

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emission of 3'ouug parasites which invade new red corjjuscles, whence

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sonable measures against poor sleep, but keep it secret

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trisnitrate of i)ismuth. It had been so baked and was so

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to the same menstrual standard, although her menstrual function may

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inflammatory disturbances of nutrition commence quite as soon, at least,

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There can not be a stated point of prominence if, as has been proven

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every woman, yet few suffer insanity ; 7, that special

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small dose and the duration of the case, will sufficiently account lor the ne

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bal address before the Kentucky Medical Society at Hopkins-

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Hunt, J. F., Spindale; Univ. of Tenn., 1900 1900 1912

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by external applications, by medicines of various kinds,

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perior, or the sternal, ribs, attached to the ster-

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nerve on the right and of the .abducens on the left side.

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metabolism from the blood, but at a lower concentration. The output

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and the vagina was in a normal condition. The consistence of the tumour was

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In impotence with spermatorrlifca, tlie tincture of can-

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illusttation of that which is not uncommon, namely, two isolated

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Dcnti (F.) Enucleazione ed exeuteratio del biilbo ocu-

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Mohammad, Ghulam, 1011 North 8th St., Sheboygan 53081

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from pain, and allows the patient, in simple cases, to go about

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exposed part of the body is sufficient to produce severe skin disease, and which is

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in the condition of his skin, he became disgusted and tlid nothing.

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Squire of Elmira. The executive committee is to remain un-

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tinctly sacculated, could never interpose between any two of these vessels.

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medical witnesses for the crown, that he did not know why

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autogenous vaccine should be employed. If different organbms be found,