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goes far in the differential diagnosis. Other points are, the form of the

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part excised. Six cases are described as total excisions or extirpa-

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the Atlantic coast of Africa. Guit^ras classified the areas of infection thus:

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show actual size). (After Francis.) (U. S. Department of Agriculture Bulletin, No. 5.)

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paper, it shall be the property of the College of Phy-

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inch to the left of the umbilicus. The point of constriction was deeply-

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described as being in wheals and welts, intensely itchy,

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is indicated. ' The ultimate result will make the diagnosis. In at least

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the United States, than in Europe." From Jaeger's collection

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the habit of giving it very profusely, very often giv-

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yet nearer the outer than inner one ; the extension of

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13, 1886. Discharged, cured. May 17th, the uterus be-

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mixture put in a piece of fine muslin, and , ^j^j^ ^^^^^ ^^^ Chloroform, performed by

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totally out of proportion to the bulk of the growth. This seemed to furnish

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noticed for some little time to be failing in strength and losing flesh, or to

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dead. The man died at 6.40, a.m., Thursday, June 22d. After death

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twenty-four hours. The temperature remained normal,

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ing the same period, being all carefully collected, and retained by a

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before the injection was 100.8°; after, the same. The temperature on

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tion between the skin disease and internal organs. Fu-

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of colloidal particles leading to saturation and precipitation, which is

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death, because greater terror and more unhappiness is thus occasioned,

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groom's report on Sampson's dam. Carter's Driver not tho-

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apparently uniform ; some cases gave a rather equivocal history

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fant. Usually, the child begins to suck and to accomplish

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and present condition of the subject, now seven months after the

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of proof spirit for three days, the mixture being kept at nearly 100° of tem-

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3, T, (p, and 8 give “the quantitative weights of each

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cannot be regarded as a retrogressive step. Neither will

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Shirts were considered a vain luxury, and but for the sheep's skins,

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