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did not occur with cords of the natural length of ten inches,
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human body or miasmata from the soil. We have been accustomed to
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This apparatus, which has not hitherto been employed for
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dant reserve supply of fat, glycogen, and proteid, may experience a
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in therapeutics to employ remedies or measures, the action of which upon
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ciated with high blood-pressure are circulatory, rather than renal.
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crease is not met with in infections with the pyogenic organisms, viz.,
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He has a bedsore over the sacrum, about as large as a twenty-five cent
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a constant feature of the puerperium, whilst peptone is also found in the lochia
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ordinary member of the Medical Society in 1793, when he dis-
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tions ; and he best fulfils his trust, who knows when and
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bread have very materially diminished. When it is considered that these
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ion. The only rise of temperature had occurred shortly before
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ciilerica [etc.]. 8°. Napoli, 1885. — Vnn Eriiiciigem
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Darwin's investigations concerning the alleged excessive
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in what part of the human body is the disease, its primitive
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emetics of turpeth mineral to prevent if possible the
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The anti-toxin treatment of diphtheria is the topic
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up the arms on to the neck, face, and trunk and up the fronts of the
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professor, surmising that he (the patient) had never
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centuries, \ve are struck with the remarkable fact, that at first
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The classification »f M. Richerand, with some slight modifica-
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normal. Viscera normal, except for the presence of a Meckel's diverticulum.
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The oleate of zinc ointment is also said to be serviceable in
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a firm attachment to the inverted fundus, was removed.
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interesting fact to be noted in the microscopic details of this
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not to be left in such a doubtful state. Kingdoms rise
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they belong to a time which ends a century or two before the
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forms, it is as much as six or seven per cent., or mare. In weU-pio>
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ready classified. Some of the published observations suggest
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this debt ; but, should circumstances demand it, I will try to assist
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prevalent nor so fatal in any of the western kingdoms of Europe as in
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characteristic symptom retraction of the head. This occurs at an early