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cervix has been completely severed and rent the real. In the first place I usually

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ity over the pillars of the fauces and opposite tonsil. General

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original dimensions and form, and that inflammatory vegetations always

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Diagnosis. — The essential features are sudden, quick, sp>ontaneous,

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Anaesthesia. — Chloroform was the favourite drug. Ether and

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" 4. Threatened convulsions may be averted, and those existing mav be ter-

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In an introduction to a discussion at the Fifty-first Annual Meeting of the British

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inspector for the government, show that with the ex-

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the edge usually being palpable below the margin of the ribs on or before the

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was exceedingly high, and the mortality from their sequela was also

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25-26 : iv : 13. Examined up to 30 : v. no infection ; put into infected

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may not be recognized until rose spots, enlarged spleen, positive Widal test,

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On the 4th December 1803, I was fent for to vifit A. B. xt.

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foresaw the dreadful consequences as only an intelli-

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restriction of the visual field, diminution of visual acuity, and changes in

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Diphtheria antitoxin has been used for treatment in almost

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subjects treated just alike, with 8 units of insulin, there is no con-

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and most effective remedy, is Castor, to the extent of two or three spoonfuls in divided doaes.

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ways mudi. distiurbance of sensation, there is a strong

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in checking the progress of small-pox in it, and of such a character as you,

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there! no further record of him. Such a case as this admits of no explana-

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At the time of application the plaster is dipped for a minute in

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pleasure in expressing here my gratitude to Mr. Luther

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five minutes at night. Before the patients left the hos-

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of derangement, in consequence of it. She fell under the care of ano- .

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large from the small intestine, if felt under or through the

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In erythrasma the patches have a fawnish or dark reddish colour,

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down, and there was thickening in the transverse fissure of the brain ; the iter

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There have, hoAvever, been great differences of opinion as to what affections

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Dr. GouLEY said that he would have very little hesitation in