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Dr. GiflFord said he knew of no difference between the first and last

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solution of sodium fluoride. The mixture is set aside in a cool place

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Sent prepaid by mail. This quantity will be sufficient to

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for, I cannot but think that we are seldom) in the other forms of umbilical hernia,

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to ten days, and in some cases hardly a week elapses from the first

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abdominal surgeon is removing, but he is liberating

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tion, and promoting recovery. Conia, in this form, does not

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dition of the eyes and brain. The objective symptoms

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was no bluish colour which they would expect from the perforation

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Seeing the absolute impossibility of delivering the

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covered by the lungs. For all practical purposes you can

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success of operations performed by me of late. Even when the polypi

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I am induced to send the following cases, from the re-

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likely that trypanosomatic diseases of man will be found in other parts of the

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Far otherwise. Though we should condemn the overloading

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a diagnosis; it is of no importance as far as treatment of the disease is

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referring to the vesicle-formation which precedes the state of

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Another case occurred at the Central Criminal Court, in September 1864

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consider mischievous ; but is not turpentine an astringent ?

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the group were undergoing experimentation they were in contact with

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