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obtained at the various daily clinics of the out-patient department, for adults and
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weeks of an after-cure. Patients are usually advised to return to
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ship to the gouty diathesis, but these may be looked upon as
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later an infallible prophylactic may be discovered. 1
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may be regarded as the minimum for forced inspiration, -[-60
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have done, in all stages of obstruction, cannot fail to lose
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membranous croup, 247 to whooping-cough — an unusually
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goes far in the differential diagnosis. Other points are, the form of the
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her neck and to the upper part of her abdomen ; and we ascertained
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jiaracentesis, and on the best methods of performing it. The
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tective body was proved after twenty days, and even after thirty days in
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larger than a man's fist. There is very little vision in the eye on that
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parasites observed within the red cells were almost uni-
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can be effected with much less risk to life. He gives six
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site directly it leaves the body is the object to be effected.
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man has his own hobby, one may guess beforehand what his
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ed to keep on the instrument for some time to come.
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physician, and others claim they find that terata are very fre-
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water, or the period that may have elapsed after its removal and before it
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most vigorous crusade against all such malefactors.
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not to a want of skill, or intelligent effort, on tlie part of the
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organisms, responsible for the discharge. The aver-
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to advance the study of Medicine in every possible direction!
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at the same time, how notably the average wage in Ireland comes short
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to be drawn in contrary directions, in order to put the tendons on the stretch ;
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tion contrary to that which it had assumed behind the
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our own locality. The chilling of the air by this large
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By Warren Stone Bickham, M. D., Assis- Medical College, Philadelphia,
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that the older anatomists, in spite of the insufficiency of their methods, gained
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Inada, under whose direction the studies were undertaken. We also
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finches ditto, £1; grey linnet ditto, 15s.; green linnet
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and the name is often given as if it afforded a full explanation of the