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femurs. This inequality in length has been repeatedly sho^vn. since
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primary care, the kind of practice arrangement in which they
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present the so-called characteristic temperature of typhoid fever;
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vanced areas of infection which are speedily overtaken by the progressing
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Mm of a four-year high school course, (t) One year's work of college standard, which year
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Fractures of the fingers are usually direct, generally from blows
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deep pressure over the right kidney and a tendency to
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far is that which affects the air passages. The continuity of the false mem-
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the past five years the average attendance has been 114, and for
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pulse and respiration and extreme nervousness. Cold,
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trid, Porro's operation ought to be the one selected. In
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in tabular form — a table, as before, being constructed for each
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a total of 14 reports since 1841. It seems very likely
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season of 1888 and 1889 we have had only twenty-seven
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pupil not responding to the influence of light while the
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that no remedy has been so injudiciously administered in the
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sary to obtain the best results. (The Medical Week, Vol. IV,
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In the new wing we find among Dr. Ramskill's patients
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possible, increased by coincident duskiness of the skin —
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an incubator, and soon after birth passed urine and meconium. It
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the skin. By coalescence of adjacent patches extensive and variously
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pect of a pernicious infection, as will be seen in one of the case his-
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Schlatter's work. He has done the only successful, complete excision in the
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tills wort verbenaca, with its leaves and roots, he will
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subsided, though she was quite anemic. An iron tonic was ordered to
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Causation and morbid anatomy. — Oases are occasionally met with in
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Surgeon. Granted leave of absence for two months, to
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Partial decolorization of the erythrocytes has been recorded in
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according to Dr. Eustace Smith, in the stomach. And as the irritation of
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and certain clinical facts sustain this hypothesis. The infer-
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face of the spinal cord showed the same. The ventricles
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last two cases will be detailed hereafter. The fifth case was that of a man seventy-two years
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goes on here all the more quickly, and the stress undoubtedly leads to a rapid