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period, the patient can be watched and examined without inconvenience,
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Ax action was last week brought against ;Mr. Holmes
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recovery, even when the motor centres of one hemisphere have been
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services to those communities. One member-at-large can
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it does not constitute hypertrophy. The hollow viscera — heart, stomach,
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Pocket Manual. 235 pages. Third Edition. Published by
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in lupus patients is often apparently excellent, yet such are seldom long
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The illness was of three days' duration when the summons
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of the lungs and kidneys caused by elimination of the drug.
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White, J. H., Surgeon — Granted extension of leave of absence for three days from July I8th.
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21. WiLLSitiKE. Lancet, 1850, i. p. 485, 22. Idem, London Journ. of Med. I860, ii.
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ter. Tomah; secretary, Dr. J. B. Stevens, Jefferson; corresponding secretary,
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aroused to a keen appreciation of the moral and professional
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A singular accident occurred in this metropolis in August 1847, in
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down, when a nominal amount will replenish new fluid in
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covering, containing a viscid fluid of a G'-eatest depth (about middle) . 9