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See is at one extreme, for he finds in one hundred and twenty-eight
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mishap or fatality, but I have also examined some twenty-three cases,
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to the extent it should. The medical institutions of Spain
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marked widenmg of the costal arch, and the stretching of those fibres
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only if the disease be confined to the anterior urethra, in both if it has
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tour of the muscles, if this is easily visible; by their softness and
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effects, but not by any certainty we can have, of the
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Dr. Dietl treated 380 cases of primary pneumonia, in the Charity Hospital of Viesna,
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tors, it was not possible to make direct agglutination tests for B.
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ectasis of both ovaries, Strong, C. P., 602; four specimens of uteri,
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Another point with respect to the visual fields, upon which much stress
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The manner m which the generations increase or decrease, though
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iu France, and Hutchinson in England have deprecated
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shown itself before or subsequently to the chancre.
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we have received. There is scarcely a member of this Society who
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the phosphate of soda may be used with benefit in doses of twenty
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to a labouring horse, and he goes comfortable and well
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collected in twenty-four-hour samples during the first two days of the preliminary
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ous stimulation had in some cases a peculiar ph^ologi-
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tive efforts. What is expensive is not prolonging life on a
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right groin. Two years previously she had had a similar
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unless the change in sensibility be regarded as evidence of good
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poison. The latter, which he regards as the more important, have been
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cinomatous infiltration of the gall-bladder, forming a hard, thick- walled tumor
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Society, has demonstrated forcibly the superiority of
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omnipotence of public sentiment, expressed and enforced by the influ-
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cal College, and the aet incorporating the sama^ ... 47
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frequency with which the latter gland may become involved, in
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on preparing to curette the uterus 1 found tliat 1 could
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the lower third of the metacarpus, showing the fetlock joint and
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Eussia, and from the gay boulevards of France, we hear the echo
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every half hour, until two or three drachms had been
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methods of construction of hospitals suitable for the
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when pressure was gently made on the tumour, urine and purulent
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malignant form of careinomata. The relatively benignant form is of