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and often incorrect one, and that the symptoms which
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was shown by experiments upon rats in which the infection through
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The breadth between the lower ends of the auricular surfaces is greater
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gall-stones was into mild cases, and dangerous ones in
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The brain may accommodate itself to the increased pressure, the
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eral ganglia, such as are observed in consequence of divers lesions of
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sounded with small bougies, which could never be made to
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Average corrected to inci-ea-sed population . . - .
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blood vessels which formed a network over the surface of the yolk sac. None
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precision ; but as physicians, seeking to mark the period of
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Maunsell, R. C. B., diagnosis and treatment of perforated gastric ulcer, 117:
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Case 4.— A boy, twelve years of age, employed in a type foundry, was brought to
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the portal vein. Liver abscess, therefore, according
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dura mater primarily, and not necessarily at all. The
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cular wasting. In the upper linibs the ulnar and median nerves are most
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sini, himself, uses silk for the buried sutures. I have been unable to get
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fully described. By means of this operation the vertebrae could be readily exam-
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mented crescent. These were hyaline bodies, crescentric in shape, about
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no case superinipos<'d upon each oth(;r. Such an area
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modic laryngismus, threatening the extinction of mind ; second,
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a good deal of the red oil of thyme is fraudulently
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when first seen. The eyes, at this time, showed no signs of in-
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casualties were KIA, 72 to 74 percent were WIA, 6 to 7 percent
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varieties, such as small-pox and measles, had stimulated
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On the 5th the thermometer in the screen rose to 55.4° — wind,
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cessant raving, agitation, struggling, and sleeplessness — you will be able