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the presence of such a factor is, I hope to show, not mere theory.
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siderable pain in the right kidney, high temperature, and loss
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other principle ; a principle so connected with life, that it can,
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Stevens,* who states that the disease "shows little atavistic ten-
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in animals in which a chemical meningitis had been incited when only
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come, l>ec:»use the lengiheningof the muscle materially
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that the secretion of milk should be maintained for a
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represented throughout the whole of the area, or that it is the result of
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system, and how often do we find the aorta thickened and
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The frank form, as has been said, is the one met with in scarlet fever.
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groove with a sharp bistoury, dividing the tissues. Details
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is not in reality due to the closure and stretching of cusps,
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of the swelling, at the very time when the monthly period has
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of Dr. Boggess, I saw Mr. H., whom I found suffering from a strangu-
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phoric acid are excreted in the urine per diem. Two-thirds of the phos-
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fracture of the skull at Gallipoli two months before admission.
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the physician to isolate himself from the problem, but
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June 29th. — The patient returned to me very much fright-
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metabolism from the blood, but at a lower concentration. The output
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is carried towards the opposite side from the tumour. The
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formed if either hydrothorax, hydropericardium, or ascites assumes serious
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Post-mortem. Body much blanched in appearance. Left tibia
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kidneys, and of keeping a good watch on the state of the urine are to be remem-
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excreted unchanged." If space permitted, we should enter on a
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the cervix uteri, and then by pressing the hand down-
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have no personal experience in them, and therefore must acquire their
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In other cases the spinal symptoms open the scene ; the disease simulates
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Compiled from Official Sources. Thirty-sixth annual issue. London :
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*' As to the forces, the branches of the mrmpathetic nerve are undoubtedly endowed with the same power aa nervaa
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formed the retina, whereas the left optic nerve was black, from the