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opment of nervous diseases ? " reported by Professor Bartholow, of Cincinnati,
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processes, croup and diphtheria, from an anatomical not so much as an
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are sometimes present in the cells of which epithelial casts are composed.
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that the coroner's inquest on the child Henry Bard was
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during a severe paroxysm, taken out of bed, and held
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The pulmonary affections which occur as complications and results of
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cytosis in the blood and the grade of lymphatic hyperplasia as seen
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shopping center. My wife and son were also invited, and
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non. Technique des bains froida dans les maladies in-
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convolutions, electrical stimulation causes movements of the face, mouth,
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is especially so, a light pinch causing expression of suffering even
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muscular system, accompanied by a degree of debility that almost amounts
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Its presence in this organ is originally due to the existence of the
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tilled water, and further examination made with the
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affections the name of lichen, and which w^as for them pathogno-
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ing down of the body heat which might last over an hour.
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seems to have approached it in his so-called silver catgut. This is prepared
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words, the process would appear to be sometimes mainly inflammatory
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let the heart stop beating before pronouncing the patient dead. This
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commonly also anaesthesia of the cornea and face occurred on the side of
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normal; inspiration difii- and, during inspiration,
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of consciousness. On nusing the eyelids, they remained open for some
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evidence both of the existence and the degree of enlargement. The first
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first time that any court has prescribed such a regulation, but
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